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Highest Retail Cannabis Dispensary in Country Review- High Country Healing II in Alma, Colorado


It’s 10:30 pm and I ate some of this turtle brownie med bar, that a friend shared. We stopped up in Alma at High Country Healing II. I just had a slice , or more like a sliver…(maybe about a half inch thick by an inch and a half long) around 7:30 pm. I am feeling mellow, relaxed (it was a long day) and not [head] high at all.  I don’t recall what the whole bars THC mg count was. Probably 100mg in whole bar. (I’ll check on that tomorrow and update) However, it doesn’t take much, and it also had a pretty decent taste! Compared to the suckers, and white chocolate bar I’ve picked up from other places. Which were hard to get down the dose I wanted, either too rich, or too much flavor mixing. I’m not sure. I’ve had a small cherry chocolate medicated candy in the past and it was also a good flavor. I might be a picky edible eater….who knows. Continue reading