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Marijuana Advertising takes root


Admin; As Marijuana products fly off the shelf creating gobs of tax money, and profit… advertising wants a piece of the action as well.

Advertising Marijuana Part I:  Medicine Heals The Ailing Press

by Judith Stamps

8 Sep, 2014

Wherever medical marijuana has taken root, officially speaking, ads for the plant have been bringing new life to newspapers.1 The Colorado Springs Independent (CSI) has recently put out a 48-page medical marijuana ad supplement, featuring retailers like  “Mile High Mikes,” “Happy Buddha,” and “Healthy Connections.” Village Voice Media now issues two advertising supplements: the “Chronic-le” in Denver, and “The Rolling Paper” in San Francisco and Orange County.  The Denver Post is doing well.   So are others.  The new ads are not restricted to marijuana.  There are spin-off advertisments for tax and business lawyers, builders, real estate agents, and security services.  CBS has called the phenomenon a new “cash crop” for the press.  No kidding.  Each full-page ad costs $1,100. The CSI has recently hired a new full time reporter and promoted three part-time reporters to full-time positions.   They’ve also hired a dedicated marijuana reporter.  This may turn out to be more than a cash crop.  It may become a renaissance.

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