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Free Marijuana for the homeless & low-income. Berkeley, Calif.

 Unable to afford medication;marijuana

Unable to afford medication;marijuana

“Beginning next August, medical marijuana dispensaries in this city will be required to donate at least 2 percent of their cannabis to low-income residents. The City Council approved the requirement this summer — unanimously no less — with the hope of making the drug, which can sell for up to $400 an ounce at dispensaries, affordable for all residents.”

“The compassion system has now been formalized in Berkeley, where city officials aim to provide low-income patients with a more reliable supply of medical cannabis. Only Berkeley residents are eligible for the free marijuana, and they must show proof of income (less than $32,000 a year for individuals).”

“He added that there was “probably a lot of use of medical marijuana by people who don’t really need it.”

“If the city’s mandate is another step toward legalization for recreational use, Mr. Bates said, then so much the better.”

“I think what we’re seeing now is an evolution towards full legalization,” he said. “It’s coming. It may not be in the next few years, but it’s coming.”


Realm of Caring is driving force in Medical Marijuana with their focus on CBD in Charlotte’s Web.

Admin; As state by state passes laws favorable to marijuana in both medical and recreational form we should see more such entities working together. I predict this will increase the momentum to complete removal of marijuana on a national level from schedule one drug classification.

Local marijuana nonprofit group to merge with Colo. growers

Will Isern, PNJ8:16 p.m. CDT September 1, 2014

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(Photo: Special to the News Journal )

Caring 4 Florida, the medical marijuana nonprofit group founded by a Gulf Breeze family, has merged with Colorado-based Realm of Caring to become Realm of Caring Florida, a statewide resource for families interested in non-euphoric cannabis treatments.

The Moseley family and their daughter, RayAnn, have been the focus of several News Journal articles dating back to January.

It was their efforts, along with those of Florida lawmakers, especially Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fort Walton Beach), that led governor Rick Scott to sign the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014 in June. The law will legalize treatment derived from medical marijuana for certain patients when it takes effect on Jan. 1, 2015. Continue reading