Mountain high Strain Review leads to momentary nostalgic memories of growing marijuana

“Standing on the moon With nothing else to do A lovely view of heaven But I’d rather be with you”  -Robert Hunter

ha-ha yes!…I’m giving this shout out, not to a handsome charming man in the city but to some beautiful ladies in green. The goddesses of love, and healing. Let them grow. Let them be loved and worshiped for the great powerful gypsy goddesses they are.

blueberry close up                        goldengoat

I’ve got “Standing on the Moon” playing in my head, you know cause’ the music never did stop. I came outside to have a nightly toke. My porch overlooks these gorgeous mountains that make you feel like everything you need is already everything you already have. A very content “hen to pan” feeling. Intense at times. If you’re having a rough day and you take a walk over that way, or this way… either way you go, you feel better because there’s so much organic beauty and truth it almost melts away anything that hurts, or any problem you face. Mountains….and stars offer such a tranquil feeling.  I was wondering as I’m feeling this way…”what more could I want? …I packed my bowl <shove huge organic purple dragon bud into trusty chillum> thinking for a second….”hmmm maybe that bud was a little dense, is it packed to tight?” …time to find out. I take a hit and sure enough it pulls great and I get a great rip and stare into the stars for a few seconds, exhale and it comes to me. I want to grow again! I had been growing for a short time while in Denver (a Golden Goat, and Blueberry), but wasn’t able to grow in my new spot here in the mountains. I would need a green house this high up…but I’m thinking about growing some tomatoes indoors next spring. It’s beautiful here, and the energy is great. Every now and then I find myself missing the hustle, bustle and good friends in the city. Denver is a great city full of vibrant and loving people. It’s by far my favorite city yet.

With such a huge movement going on in Colorado, there’s so much forward moving energy everywhere. I visit Denver every other weekend and the energy is so intense, a different energy; of people, and not so much vast land.  Still it’s very active, fun and exciting to be in Denver, Colorado right now! The food scene is great.  As well as the colorful community, and now with marijuana’s legalization even more awesome things pulling people in…allowing us to connect with each other on a whole new level. For myself, coming back up ten thousand feet and connecting with this beautiful land right after the rush of energy from the city life… is indescribable, I almost cant believe its all real sometimes. But it is, and it’s glorious.

..and I think also a combination of that and the Super awesome buds I’m smoking right now. It’s an indica hybrid; Purple Urkle X Blue Dragon…Purple Dragon. Here’s leafly’s review of it; which I mostly agree with.

Purple Dragon is a righteous smoke. I feel calm, and energized at the same time. I’ m able to focus on less tasks than usual. I could relax but also I can get motivated to do a task that I want to accomplish. It doesn’t make my sleepy, but I could lay down and possibly relax into convincing myself its okay to sleep. I’m cursed with this inability to slow down and relax at night esp. I think some may call it insomnia.

There’s a lot of things to sort in my mind at the end of the day, and if say I’m with a good friend chatting or I’m watching a good show that helps me to unwind but mostly I just ponder away. You know, kind of of a storing of information learned, or reminding myself to do this or that, or look into something. I’m sure everyone does this to an extent.

It’s said that being with good friends and loved ones is the best way to smoke ganja, and this strain would defy put me in the mood to snuggle up and watch a movie not thinking twice about what I had to do the next day. 🙂

So big thumbs up for taking my mind off boring details that make the wheel turn, so I’m able to enjoy the now more fully. And enthusiastically.

Purple Dragon is not only a good head high, in my experience, but also it took most (I say most because I don’t think I’m ever not in a bit of pain) of my back pain away. I can sit and stand comfortably without having to keep readjusting. I’ve been typing a few minutes now and I haven’t had to move side to side or back once. Good sign of pain relief properties. Also, I’m feeling less anxious, my overall stress levels are way down.

My mouth IS a bit dry. but luckily I have a handy canteen of aqua to quench my thirst for  this very expectance.

Overall, I would say this strain is great for night time use, and mild-chronic pain. Hoping to pickup some more soon! Delish! 😉

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